Monday, August 15, 2011

Building Friendships the Modern Way?

 I can't help but notice how many new friendships have been fostered strictly over the internet. I'm talking about people you go to for real advice and sympathy via facebook and email--and then become close enough online to later visit that person on a road trip! Has this happened to anyone else, because it seems to happen to me frequently.

For example, a lot of the ladies I went to high school with did not speak to me when we were teenagers. Let's face it--i was a dorky outcast. But now, we talk online on a regular basis. And NOT just small talk--I mean we talk about the real issues in our lives--love affairs, job problems, and the like. We even make plans to grab drinks when we're home over the holidays!

It makes me wonder--are they hungrier for companionship now that they're adults and life is a bit more difficult? Or should I take this to mean that I'm just loads cooler now and they want to see what kind of gal I've turned into? Either way, my lunch card is full!

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