Friday, October 7, 2011

The (New) Office.

Whew! What a week! So glad it's Friday, although my Blackberry is still vibrating off the hook.

This week I helped my boss move our tiny book-publishing business from his old house (which he just sold) into an actual office. No more working from his cozy home--now we're in a typical office building, mini fridge and all.

It's been weird and exciting so far. I'd have to say that the weird part is running into strangers. No more just seeing Jan's family. His charming wife and fuzzy feline have been replaced with...random lawyers.

This morning, I tried to unlock the door to the building and as I stood there struggling, said lawyer opened the door for me with a giant grin. "It's already unlocked!" he crowed.

So basically, even when my boss isn't there to harass me, I'm far from alone.

What's even more amusing is that I somehow met one of my boss' ex-employees. Small world, eh? The lawyer guy, who is really becoming a mainstay in my work life, introduced me to another lawyer who used to be in the US Navy.

"Denise and her boss just moved into the building," explained Jim, the first lawyer. "They publish military history, so I thought you'd be interested."

He was.

"Is this JAN'S BUSINESS? I used to work for him in the nineties! Before I went to law school! My name is Miles! Has he ever mentioned me? I love Jan! How is he?! Is he here?!?!"

I could barely get a word in. The guy examined our bookshelves for like half an hour, reminiscing about all the titles he remembered.

"He's moving out of his house today, but he'd love to see you," I said.

"Well I would love to see HIM," Miles boomed. "Let me leave my business card on his desk! Tell him I came by!!"

It was an interesting afternoon, all in all. While I'll have to get used to the idea of NEVER being alone (which means no blaring music, prancing around, or talking on the phone at a million decibels) I feel like today was a good start to the new digs.

Now, for some hard-core weekend lounging.

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