Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Magazine Covers: The Good, the Bad and the Freaking Hideous.

It amuses me to see the comments that a magazine's "fans" write about the cover images when they're unveiled to the public. For example, witness the new Vogue cover for May:

VOGUE May 2013
Of course, some people like it, but most of the people who remarked on this cover image said stuff about how the lipstick is "too dark for the actress' lips" and how "she isn't smiling" and how weird the color scheme is. (I kind of like it, personally.)

As a magazine addict, subscriber and - ta da! - editor, I now understand how much work and stress goes into creating the perfect cover. And, more importantly, how even after that seemingly perfect cover is created and the team members are buzzing about how great it is, you never know what the street cred is going to be.

My own most hated cover of all time was a Marie Claire cover featuring Eva Mendes. I thought it was so horrible that I taped a page from the inside of the magazine over it. Ha. But now, as an editor, I appreciate the idea that someone, somehow, thought it was good enough.

Marie Claire March 2012

And, though I'm not a fan of her music, my favorite cover as of recently is this one from Elle.

Elle March 2013 
As the managing editor of Mount Pleasant Magazine, I get excited when I think my team has pulled together a great cover. I also realize that, even if I don't love the cover on the national magazine that shows up in my mailbox, the blood, sweat and tears of other editors has gone into its creation.

And I salute them.

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