Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Things I've Noticed Since Moving Back to Mount Pleasant.

Well, here I am, writing this post from East Cooper. I've lived in Mount Pleasant before, but this time around I've taken note of a few new tidbits of information. I thought I'd share them with you.

1. I change my clothing multiple times per day now. I might leave for work in one outfit, then go home and don a completely different one by the afternoon. I can't decide if this is good or bad. I mean, is it better that I can put on a slouchy skirt before cocktail hour, or should I suffer in high heels from 9 am until I walk through my front door for dinner?

2. Mount Pleasant has poor people. Yes, East Cooper has the reputation of being a land of wealthier folks -- and, yes, there are plenty of wealthy folks here. But let's face it: there are wealthy and poor people in every area of the Lowcountry.  I'm living proof that someone can make a paltry income and enjoy life in these parts. Ha.

3. I visit different grocery stores now. Back on James Island, I always went to the same grocery store: Publix. It was right by my house (I could even walk there) and going anywhere else seemed downright silly. Nowadays, I've tried everything from the Wal-Mart to Harris Teeter to Whole Foods. Today, though, I did go to Publix. And I felt at home.

4. Work-related stuff is everywhere. During my aforementioned trip to Publix, I ran into the cover star of the May/June issue of Mount Pleasant Magazine, Crystal Brodie, plus her kids. We smiled and chatted and talked shop for a few minutes. I guess this means I shouldn't go to the store without wearing lipstick and/or a bra anymore. Sheesh.

5. I'm regularly late to go tutor. Before I moved, I allotted myself plenty of time to make the trek to Daniel Island. Now, I simply tell myself that it only takes a few minutes to get there -- and the next thing I know, there's traffic on 526 and I'm there at 5:07.

I'm sure I'll think of more things as I go along, but this seemed like a good list to start with. I miss James Island, but it's cool being back in Mount Pleasant, the scene of my earliest days in the Charleston area, living with Heidi and going to graduate school. I almost feel like I'm 24 again.


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