Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cotton Dresses & Big Hair.

Our trip to the Big Easy is approaching in a few weeks. I'm getting prepared by looking up plenty of New Orleans websites and unearthing my billowiest dresses. The word is that it's going to be HOT. That said, I'm also getting psyched to wear my hair in all its dangerously puffy glory.

It all started when my pal Joy (who grew up in NOLA) told me a few weeks ago at the Greek Festival that naturally curly hair just can't lie down and behave in the sticky Louisiana summers. She told me that I'll need to bring extra-strength hair products, but I assured her I won't need them. I plan to take full advantage of the heat and sport the 'fro of my most rebellious dreams! Bumble & Bumble be damned!!


Ohhh yeah. 

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