Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cake & Champagne.

My birthday was yesterday, but the past several days have been chock-full of celebrations. It all started last Thursday when my friend Emily came into town for a visit, followed closely by my other best gals, Alice and Mandie, on Friday afternoon. Mandie had rented a house out on Folly Beach, and we girls spent most of the weekend drinking cocktails lazily in the sunshine and enjoying the rare occasion of togetherness.

Next, I had a proper birthday party on Saturday night in downtown Charleston, and my friend Aaron sprang for a few bottles of nice champagne. I felt incredibly fortunate to have so many friends raise their glasses to my life. 

And that wasn't all! Last night for my "real" birthday, we had a lovely meal at a new restaurant on James Island. And tonight, my good friend Katrina made me dinner and a fabulous birthday cake, complete with homemade raspberry icing. It was absolutely delectable. 

So yeah, I guess I'm a tad spoiled. 

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