Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sitting Room.

I've always adored sitting rooms without televisions in them. Let the book case be the focal point, I say. (I mean I guess I'm biased, being a writer and a book-lover, but so what?) Or let the people be the focal point. Anything but an ugly television spouting stupid commercials and crappy sitcoms. Over the years I've seen dozens of gorgeous sitting rooms with huge book cases, cozy fireplaces, and perfect ambiance thanks to the lack of tv.

This is not to say that I haven't liked a few tv shows over the years. I love Mad Men, for example. But a tv show could never take the place of my love for books, or my love for people. I just don't get the way television fanatics can get absorbed into the screen, mindlessly zoning out in front of it for hours. Ugh.

Today the cable man visited our house and hooked up our cable, which we hadn't been using because we thought there was something wrong with the line. There wasn't--it just needed hooking up. Now, my two roommates are totally catering to the television and its newly-discovered life force. They rearranged the furniture so that the "comfy chair" is near the tv. I came home from yoga tonight to a completely different living room--one smothered by a talking box.

I've decided I'm striking back by making a reading corner of my own, in my bedroom. Luckily my bedroom is the biggest in the house so there's room for me to put the other chair in it. I know that sometimes I'll feel like reading and writing--NOT listening to the tv--so having my own little cozy corner might be beneficial. At least until i have my own house with someone who appreciates the finer things in life, like a sitting room without a television.


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