Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Heart, Broken Like a Coffee Mug.

I had an unfortunate experience this week when I attempted to visit my favorite coffee shop in Mount Pleasant - nay, in the Lowcountry.

It was closed.

As in, closed down.

Troubadours Coffee, one of my personal favorite spots to take a breather from my crazy boss, do some writing, sip my favorite iced coffee with frozen coffee ice cubes and hang with Brian when I could lure him away from his office, has simply vanished. They left behind no sign proclaiming what happened - not even a Facebook page message or a goodbye on their website.

It's particularly sad for me and the rest of Mount Pleasant Magazine, because we shot our January/February cover inside that cozy coffee shop. Troubs (as Brian and I called it) became an important part of our lives.

That's always the way it is when a favorite coffee shop shutters its doors. You don't think about the coffee you'll miss, but the atmosphere, the friendly staff and the work you accomplished while sitting comfortably in the chairs. I worked on numerous projects, including the cover shoot, at Troubs, and I always felt welcomed inside the doors and by the baristas who knew exactly how I took my coffee.

No doubt, another coffee shop will open up shortly. That area of Mount Pleasant, like the rest of it, is growing quickly enough that some entrepreneur will revisit the idea. But it won't be Troubs, and it won't fulfill my cup exactly the same way.

Rest in Peace, Troubadours. You will be missed.

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