Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dinner Thievery, Clothing Mishaps, and Other Blunders

Whew, am I glad this week is coming to an end! It's been crazy!

I got my dinner stolen at work, for the second time since I've been employed there.  I kid you not! I put my to-go box, containing a half-eaten sandwich and some fries, into our community fridge, only to have it snatched less than two hours later! I couldn't believe it! I also couldn't believe that the remnants of my dinner (such as a slice of focaccia and the last of my sweet potato fries!) were still in the trash can for me to find!! Didn't the thief have the courtesy, and the intelligence, to take the whole thing out of the kitchen and dispose of it secretly? See for yourself below.

Luckily, the school is equipped with cameras, and the sandwich snatcher was spotted. I'm sure I'll get my sandwich replaced soon. But I just can't fathom who would steal a half-scarfed meal from a work kitchen!

Today I had another "What the hell?" moment. I was out shopping and found a long skirt that I absolutely LOVED, so I forked over the cash, knowing that long skirts are totally in for spring. As soon I got into my car and examined it more closely, I realized something: It's a DRESS. A strapless dress!! NOT a skirt. Feeling foolish, I quickly questioned whether I should go back to the store and try it on again, this time properly. But nah, I didn't feel like venturing back inside. Still, I was curious, so I ended up parking at Starbucks and changing into the skirt/dress in their bathroom. I totally did not buy coffee either.

So, I finally concluded that the skirt/dress can be worn both ways. Has anyone else ever encountered this during a shopping spree??

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  1. hahahhaha man that sucks. sorry. can't believe they thew evidence in the trash!