Sunday, March 27, 2011

Foodie? How Rudie.

Are you a foodie?  Do you love unusual cuisine, culinary masterpieces, and, well, just yummy grub? Here in Charleston, we tend to love food. There are plenty of good restaurants, and plenty of good chefs. And I guess a lot of people cook at home, but I'm not one of them (much). Today's been rainy, so I've been cozied up with a very interesting article from the Atlantic, about the moral implications of loving food. You can read it by clicking the link.

It actually made me think back to my dinner from Friday night--I ordered the chicken livers from Triangle Char and Bar, in West Ashley. I gave up beef for Lent so I couldn't have a burger, and I've eaten their chicken livers before and liked them. Plus, it's filling and inexpensive, so why not?

My boyfriend, who hates liver, is always secretly appalled when I order that dish. We were also there with the neighbor, Aaron, who kept referring to my dinner as "organ meat." I guess that's the truth, but sometimes, you just don't want people talking about your food! So when I read this article in the Atlantic, it seemed the guy who wrote it was talking to me, and a lot of other people that I would never label as "gluttons." But in the author's eyes, you don't have to eat a lot to be a glutton--you just have to enjoy food a lot--particularly animal products. If you order a steak, for example, and salivate over pink flesh on your plate, you're a glutton....even if you don't eat to the point of indigestion. 

My grandmother, a devout Catholic, would be A-OK after reading the article. She's eaten toast for breakfast for at least 50 years and does not mind. She eats the same things day in and day out--because she doesn't really care about food. It's not a real pleasure for her. And now that I think about it, I barely cared about food either, until I moved to Charleston! But does my newfound love for food make me a moral glutton? I'm not sure. 


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  1. Oh, I am so so jealous that you get to eat at Charleston restaurants!