Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekend Voyage

The season of road-trippin' has begun, and Stefan and I started it off with a bang. We got up on Saturday morning around 7 a.m., packed our bags, and hit the road for Columbia, SC, where Stefan got SIX awards for his photography and writing from the South Carolina Press Association. I'm so proud.

After the awards ceremony and the fancy lunch, we headed to the Columbia Museum of Art, and checked out a fantastic exhibit called "Who Shot Rock n Roll?" It was amazing; it was a collection of photos all pertaining to rock n roll, starting with Elvis Presley and ending in 2011. Everything in between--from the Beatles to David Lee Roth--was represented in the art. We saw pictures of artists performing, sleeping, kissing--just living life. It made tears spring to my eyes, seeing the true form of these genius musicians through the years.

Saturday continued its magic when we drove up to Greenville and blissfully spent the evening at my best friend's mountain lakehouse. Ahh. Our other friend was there too, with her four year old son, who gleefully played the piano, kept us amused, and added an element of charm. We stuffed outselves silly with food prepared in-house, drank liquor and beer galore, and basically had an insanely good time.

On the way home, we stopped back into Columbia and I held my friend Kristi's baby for the first time. Dylan was a huge ball of squirmy love. It was evening, so he was ready for dinner and bed (so were we) but it was great to visit. We got home Sunday at 9 pm, after a whirlwind 36 hours! Stefan and I can't wait for our next roadtrip. Aren't they one of the best parts of Spring?

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