Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pajama Party.

Now that my gig at the book publishing office is over, I'm finding it exceedingly difficult to take off my pajamas and put on, well, real clothes.

I admit that i may be saying this prematurely. After all, it's still technically the holiday season, and a lot o' folks are not working this week. But it's not like I don't have work--I'm swamped with writing and editing that needs to get done. I'm just doing it from the comfort of my own sofa. Thus, I'm spending most of the week wearing cloth pants and sporting no particular hairdo.

I did get dressed for a time today, to drive my roomies and myself to lunch. But when we returned from the outing, I put my pj's right back on!

"Geez Denise, I see you have your pajamas back on," noted my roommate Dana, who's the type to never leave her bedroom without a shower.

"Yes indeed," I replied. "I'm feeling lazy."

And it's true. I'm lazy. The holidays wore me out, and damn it, I deserve a couple of days to recoup. I'm just worried that I'm getting a little spoiled. I even went to the neighbor's house tonight without changing. I did put on a bra, but that's about all. My neighbor said he wasn't offended by my lack of street clothes.

What about the rest of you? Do you get dressed to work from home? Or is life one big pajama party?

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