Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Cliff

Now that it's the first week of December, the Christmas Cliff has begun. Sometimes it starts even earlier like the week of Thanksgiving--or before!

What is the Christmas Cliff, you ask?

It's that special time of year when everyone you speak to--coworkers, vague acquaintances, relatives--wants to make sure that you "get together before Christmas."

It's as if once December 25th hits, everyone falls off the face of the earth.

I started noticing the Christmas Cliff once I became an adult with a busy life. I suppose as a kid it didn't matter so much, because A. I didn't know as many people and B. I had plenty of free time.

Nowadays, everyone is super-concerned with getting that last drink in before the holidays are over. We all know what comes next: January, the most miserable of all months. Surely we must see each other before that!

But the thing is, we will survive January. And we'll see each other in February for my birthday. And we'll drink beer on the beach in the spring. So if we don't see each other for one more festive cocktail with a holly sprig, our friendship won't wither and die, and we won't fall off the Christmas Cliff.

 There's another year coming.

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