Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pastry Preview.

So this week, it's my turn to bring breakfast to the poetry circle. I decided to go a little overboard (for a weekday) and try making Nutella-banana pastry pockets. I knew they'd be yummy with the fancy coffee that Ali brews.

 As we all know, I've flubbed plenty of (supposedly easy) recipes in the past, and since I'd never made these I wanted to preview the situation this evening. I went to Publix and got some pastry shells. I already had the fruit and Nutella at home.

It was delicious and easy. I sighed with satisfaction when I bit into the first pastry. I only made two for tonight so I gave the other one to my neighbor, Aaron, who is always willing to be my food-guinea-pig.  He agreed that it was a success. I might have to go buy more of these pastry shells. It looks like you can stuff the things with just about anything.

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