Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Didn't Your Mama Ever Teach You...

...not to talk negatively about other people's food?!

I'm seriously fed up with this garbage, y'all. It seems to be getting more and more common--or I just know a bunch of finicky eaters who are rude to boot!

It all started in the first grade. I'm serious. That's my earliest memory of it. This girl I knew literally chased me down on the playground to shout at me, "EWW GROSS!" when she saw my lunch. I think it was a deviled egg, which she proclaimed was disgusting. Go fig.

Nowadays, I expect folks to at least be cordial if I'm eating something they don't care for. After all, it's not first grade. But over and over, I've observed people dissing other people's food. Today at work, I had my leftover tomato pie (which was awesome--see my previous post) and my boss wrinkled his nose when I told him what I'd made.

"I've had that before...I don't like it at all. It's too...runny," he said.

Uh, thanks. You aren't the one eating it. 

And the other evening, at a friend's birthday dinner, the whole table was making fun of the entree that one girl ordered.

"That looks like...like...baby poo," said one woman.

That time, I looked up from my own fish n' chips and asked them if their mamas ever taught them that it's totally rude to talk about other people's food. They apparently didn't have mamas, because they never answered me.

But really. I urge you NOT to gossip about what your friends, coworkers, and classmates are eating. It ruins their meal, and it's just not a nice thing to do....even if they're eating a peanutbutter and butter sandwich, which is what my boss eats sometimes. And he wants to crack on my tomato pie?


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