Thursday, July 14, 2011

Social Media Mania.

It took me a while to get a blog. It even took me a while to get a Facebook. I EVEN had to be talked into getting a Myspace--back when Myspace was rad. Poor ole Myspace.

Once I started Facebook, I was hooked. I now have about 700 friends--and only a couple of them are worthy of calling in a real crisis. The 700 faces are comprised of mostly acquaintances, work buddies, other writers and bigwigs in the Charleston area, and so on. Eventually, I started this blogspot, but I've only had it for this year. I like it so far, I must admit.

Then, I purchased the Blackberry. The social media mayhem continued. Suddenly, updates and emails and Facebook were all at my (quite busy) fingertips.

I've always drawn the line at Twitter, but AGAIN I was talked into signing up, this week, by a guy I met who clearly thinks social media is the best thing since coffee creamer. Now I'm tweeting with the best of them, even though I only have a few followers so far.

But right on the heels of me signing up for Twitter, I realized that ANOTHER social media outlet had reared its head. Google Plus! (Otherwise known as Google+. ) Of COURSE a few of my friends wanted to try it and invited me, so I went against my better judgement and checked it out this evening. It's pretty much like Facebook with a few variations. But I don't think I can handle anymore social media.

What does everyone else think? Have you jumped on this new social media bandwagon?

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