Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grocery Store Grubbing.

I went to Publix tonight to score some ingredients for a dessert I'm making this weekend, (no, not that accursed lemon tart!) as well as a few other basic items.

One of the things I love about venturing to the grocery store during peak hours (and it's not the bumper-cart-mayhem in the popular aisles) is getting free food from the "Publix Chefs." Tonight, for example, right when I was pondering making chili again (I made it before and it was easy, even for me) I was offered a free plate of turkey chili.

"Here! Would you like to have some of tonight's feature meal?" asked the bubbly-looking woman in the chef outfit. "It's a delicious chili made with turkey and white beans."

I accepted the plate from her. I usually go to the grocery store during the worst time possible--when I'm hungry enough to practically faint.

"Mmm," I moaned, shoveling food in my face. "Normally I don't like turkey in place of where a four-legged animal should be, but this is good!"

"Yes," said the woman, eyeballing my curvy body and noticing that I indeed don't always opt for the healthiest options. "Well, this is nice and flavorful. Would you like the recipe? All the ingredients are right around the corner!" She handed me a card and I politely took it. I knew there was no way I'd ever make this turkey crap. I was just...starving.

Suddenly feeling ashamed of how vigorously i was noshing right at the front of the store, I thanked the woman and found a less...populated area to eat my prize. I finally decided on the greeting card aisle. I wolfed the rest down, and threw away the plate. Then I threw away the recipe card. Promotions be damned. But thanks for the free food, Publix.

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