Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hair-Raising Salon Experiences.

Let me just start off by saying that if your hair is mega-curly like mine, you probably have hair-raising experiences all the time. But lately, trips to the salon have been no picnic. Several years ago I had a fantastic cut--the best of my life--by a gay man named Donald. Unfortunately, Donald moved back to New York. And I cannot seem to repeat exactly what he did to my hair! I have tried oodles of salons since then...both fancy and basic. Each time, I've tried to explain what I want. And my experience is always about the same.

I have to go back. I mean, they don't CUT ENOUGH OFF.

Unlike a lot of curly ladies, my hair looks good when it's not overly weighed down. It needs lots of layers to catch the light and bounce. I like for the overall length to be long but don't want super-long layers. And for some reason, a lot of stylists cannot handle this information. They end up not cutting enough, and insisting that they've "done the right thing." Then I go home and whine to my mom on the phone about how putrid my hair looks! Not a good scene. THEN I have to go back, either to the same salon or to a different one, and get more of my hair cut off...but it still doesn't look how it looked when Donald cut it.

"Just go home and see if it looks right later. If it doesn't then you can come back" said the annoying stylist who "cut" my hair yesterday. She barely snipped, so of course I went back this morning! Now I'm mildly satisfied with my hair. But not thrilled.

Did I mention that this chick had curly hair too? Only, she flat-irons it every morning? This is NOT what I want from a stylist. I want a stylist who recognizes how curly hair looks best WHEN WORN CURLY. I want one who empowers me and knows what he or she is doing! I want one who does it right the first time, and listens.

Donald, are you out there?

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