Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Hip Church Sign.

I remember when churches used to have things on their signs like, "Men's Club breakfast on Sunday!" or "Save Yourself and Turn to Jesus!" But now, every time I drive by a church, I'm amused to discover that the sign is most likely trying to attract a young person by alluding to trendy social media.

First I saw a sign that said something like, "There are some searches that Google just can't satisfy." I thought it was clever.

How wise of that church, I thought to myself. They're keeping with the times.

Then, I started seeing more.

"Send a Tweet to God!"

"God has sent you a friend request on FAITHBOOK!"

It has gotten a bit silly, in my opinion. I mean, are young people really going to see the signs on churches and suddenly say to themselves, Wow! Church is actually pretty cool!
I, for one, think that young Christians will go to church whether the sign talks about Twitter or not. Their interest is not teetering on how much the congregation uses social networking...right?


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  1. Girl, don't even get me going on these kinda signs!