Monday, January 9, 2012

Walkin' (For Your Love).

My car broke down last night. I was just driving to a friend's house for dinner when my beloved 2003 Saturn puttered out and stopped. I found out this morning that my vehicle's repair bill is MUCH higher than I anticipated. So I've spent a good portion of today carless--fortunately I mostly work from home these days!

After sharing a bagel this morning with Stefan at the neighborhood bagel shop, Stefan offered to drive us back to my pad, which is down the street.

"Nah. I'll walk," I said.

And over the weekend, we enjoyed the 2nd Sunday celebration--a monthly event in Charleston when King Street becomes a pedestrian-only zone. Everyone has lunch in the street, walks around in the middle of the road, listens to the street musicians, and whatever else. It's pretty nice. It reminded me that being on foot is not all bad.

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