Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringing in the New Year, Parts One and Two.

I don't love New Years Eve. It's never been a holiday I looked forward to. Oh sure, there have been a few years in which I had a good time (mostly the years I threw parties at my house) but all holidays considered, it just isn't my favorite. This year I began the eve in sort of a funk, which was not helping the situation.  Despite a thoroughly delightful lunch with my charming cousin, Elaina, I still announced to my sister on the phone that I was seriously considering driving to Litchfield and ringing in 2013 all alone with my laptop computer--no parties, no people. Just me. After all, I argued to Marie on the phone, alone was the way I'd spent most of the year.

But the trip to Litchfield fell through after I invited the universe to give me a sign if I shouldn't make the trip. The sign happened, so I turned around, headed back to James Island, poured a stiff cocktail of Crown Royal and water, then set about working on my memoir.

I wrote myself out of the funk I was in. By the time my roommate, Dana, came home from work, I was happily sitting on the couch, typing away. But I still didn't feel like being around people.

"Why aren't you OUT?" she demanded. "It's New Year's EVE. Be ready in twenty minutes--I'm driving."

"But I'm content here, with my memoir and my top shelf liquor," I replied.

"What are you, eighty years old? Get dressed."

She finally dragged me out of the house and onto Folly Beach, where our other roommate and neighbor and a couple of friends rang in 2013 with us. I have to admit I ended up having a decent time. It wasn't the best New Year's Eve, but it certainly wasn't the worst.

And even though I enjoyed the"normal" portion of my evening, watching Folly Beach's giant sparkly flip flops descend during the final moment of the countdown and enjoying the fireworks, I have to say that I enjoyed being at home and working feverishly on my book just as much. In fact, I think Dana could have left me at the house and I would've been fine.

But I guess this way I did get the best of both worlds.

Happy 2013 to my dear readers! May you all experience an abundance of unadulterated joy this year.

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