Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Early Beckon to Litchfield.

My first trip to Litchfield this year came a bit earlier than I anticipated. I drove up yesterday, after delivering the "Stork Basket" that Mount Pleasant Magazine gives to the firstborn baby of the year. This year's baby lives on the outskirts of Georgetown, so I took the opportunity to visit my beloved beach home for the day.

The water has been turned off for the winter, so I didn't expect to stay the night. I figured if something changed my mind I could stay with one of my seaside friends.

The weather was magnificent. I sat on the beach in my aunt's chair (I left mine at home in the garage) and soaked up the sunshine. I even dipped my toe in the ocean. It was freezing, of course.

A few hours of bliss later, I got together with two of my oldest and dearest friends, Gayden and her brother, Steven, for an early dinner in Murrells Inlet before heading back to Charleston.
We had a lot of laughs.

"This weather is nice, but it kind of confuses my brain," I confessed.

It's true. It's strange to feel that surge of springtime hope in January--my heart felt like it was going to burst open yesterday, the day was so lovely. Then again, my moods are more susceptible to the weather than most people's are, I suspect.

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