Sunday, June 12, 2011


I drank out of one of my favorite glasses this weekend while I was in Litchfield: my grandfather's cocktail glass with the grouse on it. Every time I use it, I'm reminded of my grandfather, Philip A. Nofal, and how he's the person responsible for the fun and great memories associated with this beloved beach house. 

If it wasn't for my grandfather, our house might not have existed. My ever-practical grandmother was skeptical about the work and the cost that comes with owning a vacation home. But my grandfather, who was always up for an adventure, insisted that a house would enrich the family and bring about good times. He was right. 

Today, I barely remember my grandfather. He died when I was just five years old, so the images in my head are vague. But when I come here to Litchfield, the memories I make in the house help to build up the esteem I hold for him. So this weekend I raised the grouse glass, in memory and honor, to thank my grandfather for the blessing he brought into our lives. Inside this house many hearts have grown closer--the hearts of family members and of other loved ones. All of us have found a home within his boundless heart. 

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  1. it is a magical place! Cheers to Philip A. Nofal!!!