Sunday, June 26, 2011


I can't stop blogging about fashion this month--which is odd, since it's the dead of summer. (But perhaps not so odd, since clearance racks are what this gal is all about!)

Last night I had dinner plans with Stefan, my friend Samantha, and her new beau. I had an incredibly tough time getting ready. Don't you hate those days? I finally settled on an outfit I felt completely luke-warm about and we left the house. 

In the car I was grumpy and lacking confidence. "I feel fat," I moaned to Stefan, who was getting more irritable by the nanosecond. Suddenly I had an epiphany. 

"I'm going to buy an outfit right now, before we go to the restaurant," I declared. As soon as we parked the car (which is an ordeal in this city) I was ready to speed-shop. It was 7 pm, so some boutiques had already closed. And it was King Street, so a few places were--ahem--out of my price range. 

I've never shopped much at Willy Jay's, but starting now, I plan to. It's a totally affordable place, and I loved the first dress I tried on! The best part is that this frock is versatile. It's a darker floral, so I can  wear it this Fall with a sweater. It's even short enough that I can wear it with jeans as a tunic! (I'm 5'9" and a half, people.) But last night, in the sweltering weather that is this summer, I rocked it with bare legs. I felt half-naked, and incredibly triumphant. 

"You look great," Stefan said. 

I felt great. It seems silly, but changing into that dress (I wore it right out of the store) changed my whole mood. I had a blast with Samantha and the whole crew. And I scored a new wardrobe item.

Sorry, old clothes. You just didn't fit the agenda. 

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