Wednesday, February 16, 2011

THE Best Time O' Year... right now. That's right--before it even really becomes spring. These late days of winter are what I love, when the spring-oriented fashion starts rolling in, when the random 70-degree day brings a lump of anticipation to my throat.

And these late winter days are also great for thinking about what winter's good points were: oysters, sleek hair, leftovers that remain perfectly refrigerated in the car, cozy knits, cuddling with a sweetie...the list goes on. When spring is in sight, it's easy to get that funny mixture of--how did Eliot put it?--memory and desire. I feel a bit of nostalgia for what happened over the better days of winter, like a holiday gathering or a fresh oyster, yet I also feel anticipation for spring's warm kiss.

By the dog days of summer, the joy and beauty that erupt at this seasonal cusp are long gone. Our thighs are sticking to leather car seats, our magazines are showing us shearling boots already, and frankly, it's too damn hot.

Let's take a moment as February winds down to think about how we can really savor March and April. For me, it's that first musky inhale of my beloved beach house. <3

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