Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finding Kitty Kat (Or, How Eighties Nostalgia Can Keep A Gal Busy at Night)

Hi Friends!

Last night was the last evening of the term, and after my students finished up their business I found myself...rather bored. So I did what any thirty-something gal would do.

I googled eighties toys, movies, actors, songs, and everything I could think of! Then, on Ebay, I stumbled across the one toy that I've searched for since my childhood. A stuffed cat, more specifically, a "Furrever Friend," which was a stuffed cat made by the brand Kenner. The cats came with super-long,  detachable tails that you could wrap around your neck or  shorten to whatever length you pleased. I got my cat on Christmas morning, and wore her wrapped around me like a feather boa when I went to Mass.

Her name was Snowy Tail, or at least that was what the box said, but I renamed her Kitty Kat.

Before you all start laughing, just wait--it gets sillier!

Marie, my younger sister, had her own favorite stuffed animal: a lamb that played music whenever you wound her up. Her name was Little Lamb. (Weren't we creative?) Anyhoo, Little Lamb and Kitty Kat were the best of friends. We did everything with them, from eating breakfast in the morning to playing outside with them. (Their noses got rather smudgy.)

Then one day, a horrible thing happened. Kitty Kat vanished. My grandmother had somehow gotten her mixed up with the toys to go to charity! I was devastated, and Marie was sad along with me. We knew Little Lamb would miss the friendship, and we ourselves would miss the imaginative adventures.

So now you see why I'm stoked to find an exact copy of Snowy Tail. The ebay cat comes with all the accessories, even the combs. You can see it here.

Marie hasn't gotten me a birthday gift yet, so I posted the link on her facebook, hoping she'd get the hint. She and I both agree we need to buy the toy, but since I have a PayPal account and she doesn't, it looks like I'll have to make the arrangements.

What toys from the eighties do you miss, readers? I'd love to know!

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