Thursday, February 17, 2011

So Now EATING is Taboo??

Friends, I've made a startling observation.

I've noticed lately that it is no longer "chic" to eat.

One of the first signs that I would get along with Andy Thomas, the guy whose book I'm co-writing, was the fact that we ate together at our very first business meeting. And I'm not talking about delicately nibbling some pastry-thing as you talk--I'm talking about full-on scarfing down a complete meal.

But lately, no one eats, at least not in business. And I get along with people who aren't afraid to eat! Frankly, these freaks who order nothing but a black coffee really irk me...yet I must admit that sometimes I find myself hurrying through my bagel (after arriving a few minutes early) so that I, too, look as though I only need a cup of joe.
(I can't let them see me with a smear of cream cheese on my chin, after all! It's so undignified! And think of the calories in cream cheese!)

But it's not just the calories that keep people from eating during business. I think that eating has become a sign of weakness. I'm serious. I keep hearing people, men and women, proudly declaring things like "I've only had a scone all day long," or "I haven't eaten since 8 a.m....I just forgot to eat today."
I mean, are these people SERIOUS? I can't even function without food. I don't know if these people think that a lack of needing food makes them cooler or tougher or WHAT the hell ever it is, but I am NOT on board.

Now if you'll all excuse me, I'm about to order a pizza. AND EAT IT.

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