Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From Flowers to Berries...

Today I bought my first smartphone and retired my trusty Lotus.
It's the new flip Blackberry.

So far so good I guess. I am NOT used to having a phone this complex. My old Lotus was just as awesome (if not more so) and got the job done beautifully. But I was due for an upgrade this month, and it seemed like the right thing to do. So here I am, awkwardly pressing my new phone's buttons, hoping she'll cooperate.

I've already made a goofy mistake. My friend Sarah wrote on my Facebook status, which proclaimed the news of my new device, "Great! Now we can use Blackberry messenger!" Well, silly me, when my Blackberry made its precious "chirp" sound to alert me to Sarah's message, I didn't realize it was Facebook, and I thought she was already Blackberry-messaging me. So I wrote an awkwardly typed "HellLo?" (still trying to get used to the keypad!) only to discover later that I had commented on my own FB status. Oops.

My younger sister, who still has a fairly simple phone, was skeptical when I called her from my new toy. "Ohh no, it's the CRACKBERRY," she groaned. Talking to her made me miss the simplicity of my old Lotus, whose steadfastness got me through the last two years.
"I like durability," she announced. "I DROPPED my phone the other day, and it just kept on better get a case though. Those things are fragile."

We'll see what happens. Right now, I'm still in the transitional period--I'm mourning my Lotus, and I'm trying to figure out my Berry.

Advice and suggestions are welcome!!!

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