Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Workday Fashion Woes.

Ulgh. Some days, you just CAN'T get dressed for work. I swear, I totally live for Fridays, when I can throw on my blue jeans and go to the office wearing ...not exactly casual clothes (I don't do tees and tank tops) but something a bit less professional.

I have a confession. I happen to hate professional attire. Button-down blouses, slacks with a crease--all of it makes me want to cringe. But since I have two jobs where I must dress professionallly at least the majority of the week, I'm forced to house at least a few work-friendly pieces in my closet.

I think part of the reason I don't like work clothes is that I'm much too busty to wear those structured, professional blouses. I know you're all thinking "give me a break," (unless you, too, own a set of boobs) but it's absolutely true. It's dern near impossible to find a structured blouse that fits my cuves just right, yet not so well that it's too racy for the office. And if it's decent for the office then it doesn't fit my curves. You get the idea. No sale.

So I always end up wearing these flowy shirts that most women my age would reserve for after work hours, coupled with the same tired pairs of pants, all in rotation. I'm so sick of them all! I don't have the body or the finances to have a fantastic work-wardrobe--it's hard enough to love my nonwork clothing. I just wish I could have great clothes for my morning routine. But I don't shop enough to do so. But maybe if I found great stuff, I'd do more shopping.

Don't you love a good catch-22?

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