Friday, February 4, 2011

Rock Show.

Stefan and I went to see Dr. Dog last night at the Music Farm. Since he was taking pictures for an online magazine, and I had interviewed one of the band members for the Charleston Scene, we had complimentary admission, and we got our two friends in the door as well.

It was an amazing show. I was exhausted from my long week of work and more work, yet I found my tired spirit swelling with the music as my head bobbed along with the crowd. Until you actually see a show of that caliber, you don't really know the power that music has.
Last night, the music had a power that I would venture to call superhuman. As the musicians growled the melodies into their microphones, and as the audience swooned and swayed, I felt like I was part of a miracle, or a metamorphosis of sorts. I rose on my tip toes and stared ahead, fully aware of the creative force I was witnessing.
I feel certain that if we could somehow harness the magic that took place in that dingy, unsuspecting venue, we could change the entire world.

They rocked. Hard.

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