Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Easter Ever.

 I had a great time celebrating in Litchfield over the weekend. It was crammed with family, friends, good food and gorgeous beach time. Stefan didn't get a sunburn either, thanks to SPF 50 'screen.

Some of the highlights:

1. We tried a couple of new restaurants. One of the best parts of living around tourism is constantly testing the new venues. We had Pastaria in Litchfield on Friday night (yummy NY style pizza) and Spuds in Murrells Inlet Saturday night! The view of the inlet was breathtaking. Then Sunday we tried out the Applewood Pancake House right down the street. BEST french toast EVER.

2. Alice was shopping at the thrift store on Saturday after breakfast, so we joined her. Stefan scored an awesome vintage camera, plus accessories, for a rock-bottom price. I found a book that I've been loving ever since. I read like a hundred pages of it on the beach. It's not literary, but it's a good summery read. I'm trying not to feel guilty for putting the classics aside while I savor it.

3. Uncle Philip was sharing stories that I've never heard before. Some were real, Southern Gothic tales about people from the past who were just plain remarkable. Since my uncle is also a writer, he retains these tales as fodder for his own stories. I really enjoyed listening at the kitchen table while we ate pastel-wrapped Hershey Kisses. Family time can be good.

4. I got to see almost all of my beach pals. Alice was there, John Myers made TWO appearances, and Jenn Merrell joined us for dinner on the inlet.

5. Mass on Sunday was remarkably good--thanks to the uber-young priest, I'm guessing, who claimed that his "favorite part of being a priest is sprinkling people with Holy water."

Can't wait until the next trip! Happy Easter to my readers!

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