Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eat Mor Chikin.

Isn't that what the cows on those Chick Fil A marketing posters insist that we do? Well, if they met me this spring, they'd be thoroughly pleased. I have eaten MORE CHICKEN than I ever thought possible! And naturally, Chick Fil A has been one of my staples.

I was pondering this moments ago, in the drive-thru, and when I got up to the window I actually struck up a conversation about it with the adolescent who served me my nuggets.

"Ulgh. I never thought I could get sick of Chick Fil A, but I have," I announced. "I gave up beef for Lent."

He looked at me like I was crazy.

"Why would you do THAT?" he exclaimed. "I wouldn't be able to LIVE without beef. I mean, what's the purpose of giving it up?!"

I didn't go into the whole spiel about Jesus and sacrifice. Why bother?

"There IS no purpose, apparently," I moaned. "Except to endure iron deficiency!"

He gave me a sympathetic look as I drove out of sight. I never thought the kid who sells chicken for a living would understand, but life is funny. I think next year I'll go back to giving up vodka. It's healthier.

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