Monday, April 4, 2011

Full Circle.

I bought this little notebook to keep in my purse, at the Columbia Museum of Art's gift shop during the "Who Shot Rock 'n Roll" exhibit. The funny thing is, this notebook is the exact same one I had back in 2007--it's my old notebook's twin.

Since I bought it, I've noticed some other stuff in my life "coming full circle." It seems lately that life has a sort of circular pattern to it--particularly in autumn or spring, when the seasons change. I think about visiting old friends...revisiting old haunts....

I got a phone call last week from my old friend Bill, from the college days. Since I was having a tough week at that point, I took the call as a good sign. Then, I got a call from another friend I seldom talk to these days...and another! It was like all these people from my past were reaching out to me.

Plus, I've been listening to old Smashing Pumpkins records (Siamese Dream, anyone?) and lying out in the sun, trying to reconnect with myself--the self that renews her attitude and her vision every spring.

My little notebook knows the mistakes I made back in 2007--but she also knows the strides forward I will make in 2011.

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