Friday, April 29, 2011

Photography and Irony.

So, we all have this friend who generally does NOT take the best pictures ever. He's a good poet and a good person, but his camera skills usually leave something to be desired.

And we all make fun of him--in a good-natured way of course. Even HE has admitted that he's not the best photographer--and he's enlisted my boyfriend to take pictures at poetry events that we all attend.

Fast-foward to yesterday, when Nicole (who works with Andy Thomas, the guy whose book I am co-authoring) came over to snap a headshot of me for the back of the book. She took several pictures of me, and frankly, I didn't like any of them as much as I wanted to.

"You know, I don't love any of these..." I said to her, knowing she was probably getting more agitated by the second. But I'm vain. I can't help it.

We finally decided on becoming Facebook pals, and she went through my profile picture album in the hopes of finding something appropriate for the book. She finally did and called me. When she described the pose, I realized it was a photo that my friend--the so-called bad photographer--took of me on Monday Night Poetry and Music!

"We can give your friend credit for the photo. Just email me his name," said Nicole. So I did, rather gleefully.

Take that, Alanis Morisette. Irony isn't always about bullshit happening in life--sometimes it can be downright amusing and awesome!

Happy weekend, my readers!

The famed portrait. 

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