Friday, April 15, 2011

The Tax Man Cometh.

Being a freelance writer can be hard. That's no secret. But when tax time rolls around, it can get even harder. I fortunately have an awesome accountant, my friend Heidi Stepzinski. We went to college together and she's always done a great job with my taxes. (Plus she charges me drinks and a lunch, which is hardly a fee when we're having a good time!!)

Back in grad school (and before that) tax time was fun. You'd get back mad cash and go on vacay. But nowadays, since I work mostly freelance and have to pay some of my own taxes, April can be very..daunting. Last year I owed a hefty sum, and this year is even heftier!

"Good Lord! More than last year?!" I asked Heidi when she told me the amount.

"Well, Denise, you MADE more than you did last year," she shrugged helplessly.


How do the rest of you handle taxes, if you own your own business? Do you pay them quarterly like a good citizen? Or wait til the end of the year and get slapped with a monster-bill?

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