Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adventures in Shopping and Cooking

It's Sunday, and I've spent the day sipping coffee and eating a scrumptious cake that my roomie made last night. In between sips and munches, I can't help but reflect on what a good weekend it's been. Yesterday morning Stefan and I got up early, which we never do, had breakfast downtown, and headed to the grand opening of Charleston's new Forever 21 store. Wow...what mayhem that was.

Forever 21...yikes
I could not even comfortably move in that place; it was literally infested with college hipsters. A few girls waiting in line told me that they had waited for two hours--and they were not near the front.  I followed my instinct and got the hell out of there.

Since we were still in the mood to shop, Stefan and I hit up Goodwill in Mount Pleasant, a few consignment shops, and Ritz Camera. (My honey is a photographer.) In Goodwill I tried on an awesome Cynthia Rowley jacket, but it was just a hair too small. I was disappointed.

"I wish this jacket fit me," I lamented to Stefan. It's Goodwill-cheap and it's Cynthia Rowley!"

"Does that mean anything?" he inquired.


Then we went home and cooked our very first LAMB ROAST. It was absolutely delicious.

I grew up eating lamb, being Mediterranean and all, but I had never roasted one myself. I'm happy to report that it went well.

After a yummy dinner we met the bartender at Barsa in downtown Charleston, so I could do my weekly bartender interview for the Charleston Scene.  Then, after a couple of cocktails with good friends, I  randomly met up with a pal from Myrtle Beach who came to Chucktown for the evening.

I have to admit, it's been a thoroughly satisfying weekend, despite the fact that all I've had the energy for today is blogging and lounging. I suppose that's what Sundays are for. Here's to a new week, my readers!

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