Monday, January 10, 2011

Icy Steps

Today I am sitting at home with my roommate, who did not have to go to work due to an ice storm. It's crazy; we've had more than our usual share of wintery weather for Charleston, SC, this year and last. It's only January, so I'm not sure we'll get any breaks any time soon.

It feels kind of like a morning we would've had back in college--it's 10 a.m. on a Monday, but we're in our pajamas and goofing off. Since we've actually KNOWN each other since college, it's the perfect throwback day. It's so funny to me how strange weather--a hurricane, a snow storm, whatever--gets people to feel like kids all over again. I guess it brings back those mornings during the elementary years, when you'd anxiously wait for your parents to announce whether it was a snow day. If it was, you'd gleefully drink cocoa with the neighbors after an afternoon of toe-numbing fun in the driveway.

Winter can be fun in its own way. It's not as overtly fun as summer, with her bright rubber flip flops and striped beach blankets. But if you search for fun in winter, you'll find it.

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