Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Friends, I have to admit it. I AM OVERWHELMED. Today has just been...I don't want to say hell on wheels, exactly, but maybe an ice cream  truck and an ambulance combined? (Yeah that sounds like hell.)

First of all, I am teaching two classes at ECPI, as I mentioned. The morning class is from 8 am until 1 pm (yes they are five hours long--welcome to the land of the accelerated degree!) and the night class is from 5:30 until 10:30 pm. The afternoon is a break, but it's really not because I CAN'T GO HOME. I live on James Island, and I'll be damned if I'm wasting gasoline and time and getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

So there's that. And as most of you know, I also freelance write, as well as work for a small publishing company in Mt. Pleasant three days a week!

Add to all of this my NEW project--ghost writing a book. The guy I'm writing for, Andy Thomas, is totally swell. But we've gotta get this book done before April--preferrably WELL before. It's not a long book (probably around sixty or so pages) but still. It's TIME.

Today, I got bombarded with emails asking me to write everything from theatre reviews for the City Paper, to Cosmetic Store reviews for Charleston Style & Design. I'm sitting here at work, quietly trying not freak out, while my students work on a writing assignment.

Oh, and did I mention my birthday weekend? And my mom visiting?!

My students vehemently insisted that the Five-Hour-Energy stuff is not the right answer for me. But at this point, I'm evaluating all options.

So. If you find me lying face-down somewhere, you'll understand.

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