Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Will Curls Have Their Day?!

I admit it; I am addicted to magazines. I read them without fail every month...Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, even the cheesy ones like Glamour. (I do draw the line at Cosmo, though.)

And lately, my mags have been telling me something I am having trouble grasping--that naturally curly, big hair is back. Yes, CURLY hair. Not just those sexy waves that all the chicks sport, but huge, outta control, CURLS. They're trying to prove it, too, by showing lots of ads for curl enhancing (not taming) products, and lots of articles featuring big-haired women looking fly.

Straight Hair 
I've had big, curly hair my whole life. I've finally somewhat made peace with it, now that I'm grown, although there are some days (mostly in the summer) when I want to yank it all out, strand by strand. I've noted, over my almost-31-years, that naturally curly hair is always something to be wary of, something to style viciously and make sure it doesn't take over your bathroom, your workplace, and your life. I've dealt with friends who've wanted me to wear my hair straight, or in a strict hairdo at the very least. I've dealt with the ridicule. So, you see, the idea that my whacky mop could actually be...chic...is a piece of news almost too amazing to digest.

And it's not just me. My mother, who also has curly hair, scoffed along with me when I told her all of this information on the telephone.

"My fashion magazines say that curly hair is coming back!" I reported.

"We'll see about that," exclaimed my mother. "Curly hair has been banished since the sixties!"

Despite our guffaws, I am secretly trying to believe. I've straightened my own hair a lot less this winter, (even though winter is really the only time it works) and tried to enjoy it more. And every time a fashion magazine tells me that yes, curly hair is something to praise, I lap up the article like our cat on leftover cereal milk.

Will I have my day of glamour, after all?


  1. I understand where you are coming from.

  2. Hmmmmm.
    Glamour has always been yours aaaand-
    Remember when we used to use that Queen Helene Silicone curl activator gel in college?! heheh
    It really is all about the product - have you used any of those sea kelp prod's? They have some on the lower priced spectrum now I do believe. I'll have to investigate that.

  3. I think your curly hair is GORGEOUS!!! And you wear it very well. It seems to fit your vivacious, outgoing personality, too! I've wished that my superstraight, superthin hair was curly just about every day since my little sister came out of the womb with golden ringlets.