Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poetry Yes. Caviar No.

Tonight I went with my beau, Stefan, to hear three Charleston poets read at a gallery downtown. My friend Jack Tracey was, as always, an enthusiastic host and performer. Brianna Stello and Marcus Amaker also read. It was held on State Street, at the Hagen Art Gallery.

 The event was done well, with plenty of snacks and wine. I tried caviar for my first time ever; I can't say I was thrilled. It was extremely fishy--it reminded me of sardines in a can. Except it was in little pellets.

Rich people think this is special? I thought to myself, licking around my mouth to make sure I didn't have any fish eggs stuck in my chapstick. Then, I got ready to hear some verse.


  1. at least your night sounds special, with poetry and caviar!

  2. Sounds like Zsa Zsa and Brucie would love it! They say scoop some into a napkin next time and send fedex please Aunt Denisey- meow