Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Great Outdoors--in January

Hello Everyone!

This has been an oddly cold winter, but I feel grateful to live in South--at least we have these rare warm spells, as we did this weekend. It was fantastic: mid to upper sixties, sunny and delightful.

I made the most of it by venturing to the James Island County Park both today and yesterday. It's amazing how a little down time in nature can soothe you after a hectic week. Today, Stefan and I lounged lazily in the grass and read poems. Well, I read poems and he took photographs of the remote-control sailboats in the pond! Yesterday, my best friend Sarah and I took her eight-month-old son, Carter, to try out his first swing. It was the perfect afternoon.

Carter is just so dang easy to get along with. He was lots of fun on the various contraptions we exposed him to--swings, slides, and whatever those weird-looking animals on wobbly springs are called. Like most babies, though, he preferred simply crawling through the grass and trying to put the blades into his tiny mouth. Sarah and I are like the perfect mom-n-aunt duo though--we kept him straight and grass-free.

Besides soaking up a fair amount of Vitamin D, I also had some amazing meals at Med Bistro, The Wild Olive, and Barsa Lounge. I even had dessert--twice. It was a good weekend. The best part is that I even got my writing done. A balance of work and play is to be cherished.

Are y'all ready for Monday? I think I am now.

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